Infant & Toddler Class
  • Duration: 60 minutes / Class / Week
  • To be accompanied by at least 1 parent
  • Child’s age: Up to 6 years old
Time to expand the brain capacity of children aged up to 6 years old

Educational research has always emphasized the golden period of a child during the infant and toddler age.

It is a crucial period when a child builds his fundamental abilities.

Heguru has more than 30 years of experience in educational guidance and has been able to find effective ways of promoting the development of the brain during this optimal period.

Through a full-scale and holistic right brain training program, we create an environment to fully unveil the potential of each and every student.

Highlights of this program
  • 1 Enlarging the brain capacity.
  • 3 Effective usage of lighting, sound and rhythm in class creates conducive environment to encourage the genius within your child.
  • 5 Teachers share best practices of raising a child.
  • 7 One-to-one follow ups are conducted for substantial progress development.
  • 2 With two teachers in the class, lessons are fast paced with personal guidance
  • 4 Parent participation helps children trigger their hidden potential.
  • 6 Program encourages parent-child bonding and a happier, healthier relationship between them.
The Heguru Activities Include
  • infant-toddler-01

Right Brain Memorisation

Making a story out of the cards and memorizing it. Mother shoud take part too!

  • infant-toddler-02

Flash Cards

Looking at the super Flash cards. Just by looking, mother and child are able to enter in to the right brain level.

  • infant-toddler-03

Instant Memorisation

Instant memorisation training is provided with figures. Continued on a weekly basis, your memory improves and it becomes great fun.

  • infant-toddler-04


Numbers are introduced. Teaching materials are touched and going up to the Front becomes enjoyable.

  • infant-toddler-05


Today the rhythm comes from a drum; it’s fun when everyone Joins in. Even the mothers find themselves clapping to the beat.

  • infant-toddler-06


ESP Clairvoyance games are happening. Good if you guess correctly!

  • infant-toddler-07


Numbers are studied using a Nummerkasten.

  • infant-toddler-08


The dancing at the end is the best of all! Dancing with the teacher is so much fun.

Heguru Teaching Materials

We take pride in our teaching materials. All our teaching materials used are carefully prepared by our Materials Team in Japan and couriered to overseas centers. Strict quality control and standardization of these materials ensure consistency and quality for all centers. Heguru materials are specifically designed to stimulate your child’s right brain learning. New materials are added with each lesson and changed regularly; making every lesson interesting and ensuring that your child acquire new knowledge with each progressive lesson.

The range of Heguru original teaching materials boasts tremendous variety.