Prenatal Education

Communication with the baby in her womb will deepen the bond between mother and child. Lots of valuable must-know information about childbirth will be shared.

  • 2 hours/lesson.
  • Number of class: 4
  • When to attend: From 4th month of pregnancy.
  • Contents include: Prenatal exercise, Image training, Nutrition and others.

During the pregnancy period, parents should relax and talk to the unborn child regularly. In this way, they will be able to look forward to experiencing a enjoyable and safe childbirth. The purpose of our prenatal program includes:

  • How to raise a happy and expressive child.
  • How to raise a child who is good-natured
  • How to raise a child who sleeps well at night.
  • How to raise a child who is highly communicative.
  • How to raise a child who uses his potential ability and absorbs information well.
  • How to raise a child who accepts affection and is friendly to all.
Highlights of this program
  • 1Enlarging the mother’s imaging ability and right brain capability by practical application of image training and using potential consciousness.
  • 3Sharing of nutritional information which will range from period of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, including general healthy living tips.
  • 2There are many anxieties associated with pregnancy. By attending the Heguru Prenatal Education Course, it makes the pregnant mothers to maintain their mental and emotional well-being.
  • 4The instructor will be giving advice and information on the various concerns of pregnancy.