Preschool Class

Development of the left brain to compliment the right brain starts here.

As the right brain progresses, the left brain is also trained to accompany its functions. There are 80 over additional programs designed for this purpose.

The Pre-School class consolidates student’s prior learning and connects the knowledge with their left brain. The program, unlike Infant & Toddler class does not require a parent’s accompaniment, hence trains a child to be more independent as they participate in lessons as an individual. By socializing with friends and looking after their own belongings, soon enough a student will achieve independence. The student’s ability will also be developed three-dimensionally through methods only available in the Premium Pre-School classes. The sessions last for 70 minutes with worksheets, handicraft and many more exciting activities. Child attends classes independently without parent accompaniment.

  • 70 minutes / class / week (Pre I)
  • 90 minutes / class / week (Pre 2)
  • Child attends the classes independently without parent accompanied.
Highlights of this program


  • 1 Students attend class on their own therefore communication with the teacher increases.
  • 2 Promotes development of right and left brain coordination through a variety of fun activities.
  • 3 A preschooler’s mind grows from listening to fascinating stories that resonate within their memory.
  • 4 Nurtures independence that emphasizes on a preschooler’s self-responsibility.