• My child looks forward to come to the class every week without fail. With the Heguru program, she is very good in recitation and comprehension. Her memory and recall ability is far better than her classmates. She has developed impeccable memory. Her participation level at home and school activities has increased. She dances really well. She has excellent vocabulary skills for her age. She can frame sentences beautifully. Thanks to the program, she has achieved a lot and now very eager to learn new things. She even has become good at solving puzzles.

    Sandeep & Aarthi (Parents of Anuja, Age 4 yrs +)
  • Heguru @ Kuwait allows my child to have fun while learning, a great improvement from the traditional methods of learning. He looks forward to the classes every week as he finds it both exciting and challenging to learn something new quickly.

    Also, I have seen significant improvement in my child’s memory skills after attending Heguru. He is able to comprehend very fast and form sentences impeccably. He is even good with numbers.

    Thusantha (Father of Akain, 4yrs+ old)
  • Hardhik started attending Heguru classes earlier this year, when he was hardly talking! Barely a couple of classes later, he goes to the front of the class willingly, when called for attendance. His concentration has increased many folds. It is to my great surprise that he remains calm and focused throughout the class. He really loves us to read books daily without fail. He by himself picks around 7 books and asks us to read for him.


    Vikram & Sravanthi ( Parents of Hardhik, 1yr+ )
  • Siddharth has improved a lot after joining the Heguru program. He has become confident and is recognizing alphabets and numbers and reciting them with ease. He loves to sing the ABC song and rhymes at home, and listens attentively when we read story books.


    Vedachalam Prabhu & Saritha {Parents of Siddharth, Age 1yr+}
  • After joining Heguru, my child has become confident and active at home as well as in school. He loves coming to the Heguru classes. For the first few classes, he was bit fidgety, but now he has become attentive and focused.

    Thanks to the program, his development and progress in school is well noticed and praised.


    Karthikeyan & Kalaivani (Parents of Arya, Age 3yrs+)
  • Rozan takes interest in counting numbers and solving puzzles. No doubt, her capability of remembering things is fast and she recalls everything done in the class. After going for lessons at Heguru, she has become confident and is quick at her homework. She even enjoys doing the Heguru Worksheets and is always excited to attend the lessons at Heguru.


    Farhad & Mehwish (Parents of Rozan, Age 4yrs+)
  • Sreya started lessons at Heguru when she was just about 1 year old. She is now very observant and really enjoys the class. At home, she listens to us very intently.

    Thanks to the program, she has started talking very early. I find it astonishing when my daughter actually remembers what she learns at Heguru.

    Praveen Kumar & Suvarna ( Parents of Sreya,1yr+)
  • After attending classes at Heguru, his attention span has improved. He now recognizes as well as recites numbers, colors and shapes. I see a very good improvement in his understanding capability. I am amazed to see my child listening and concentrating in the class. He constantly surprises us with things and words that we didn’t even realize he knew.


    Suhas & Ashwini ( Parents of Sarthak, 2yrs+ )